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Welcome to
Cardiovascular Surgeons, P.A.

We have served the Central Florida community for over forty-five years. Today, six surgeons are on staff to assist you and your family with cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery.

Our Mission

To provide our patients, referring physicians and community with superb quality cardiovascular and thoracic surgical care in a professional, efficient, and personal manner.


Our History

The founding partner of what is today Cardiovascular Surgeons, PA, performed the first coronary artery bypass in Central Florida in 1970. Since that first coronary artery bypass, Cardiovascular Surgeons, PA has performed over 60,000 cardiac surgeries. Today, we perform over 1,500 cardiac surgeries annually at two local hospitals (Florida Hospital -- South and Central Florida Regional Medical Center). In addition to cardiac surgeries, we offer thoracic and vascular services.


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